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Nanny Salary:



Why NannyTrack?

Our experts point you in the right direction.

Simply put, our background reports are crucial to the hiring process. Families choose NannyTrack because we retrieve, review and report the facts that steer you in the right direction.

Our team employs specialists in every critical area including identification, litigation, and media research, so you can rest assured that our searches donít just cover more ground, but more of the right ground.

Many background search firms do not take the time or make the effort to review the information found in their searches. Our highly-trained and experienced NannyTrack investigators synthesize every last detail.

Unlike other firms, we create a distilled narrative report with primary documents added as attachments (where applicable). The most relevant information is provided in a format that it is easy to read and understand, whereas many firms simply hand over a pile of documents and expect you to do the digging.